Brushes on Flat Knitting Machines

     The stitch pressers are being mounted on the carriage as well as the carriers, cams and stitch motors.   The stitch pressers are being connected to the stitch pressers mechanism .The stitch pressers motor and the sensors KCXH 0006, KCXJ 0004, KCXJ 0005 are being controlled. There are two brushes on every system.For example, there are four brushes of EHH 60301 on the machine with two systems.
    The brushes are from those components or elements of the flat knitting machines, which are helping the opening of the sliders of the needles and which are enabling the needles for the related knitting accordingly.

     Deterioration in the brush is causing the none opening of the slider of the needles and due to this it is causing the damage of the knitted part.
You may reach to the Nit Orme brushes with the 100% natural finished knitting brushes in different colours  fort he SHIMA SEIKI flat knitting machines fort he dimensions  60X30 with code numbers EHH60301B, EHH 60301W, EHH 60301T, EHH60301K; For measuring 80X32 - EHH8032B, EHH8032W; for 60x25 measuring - with code numbers Of EHH6025B, EHH 6025 accordingly.

    Nit Orme offers to our customers  of  the  STOLL CMS flat knitting machines the produced by Nit Orme high quality brushes for best suitable prices  ; E3 ( 3 gauge) 061407, E4 / 8 (4 to 8 gauge ) 203 254, E10/14 (10-14 gauge) 212 854 , E16/20 (16-20 gauge ) 224 822 and the E6 for Stoll HP models  E6.2/7.2 (10 - 14 gauge ) 243 074, E16- 18 , HP 203254 code numbered  brushes.