Needles & Jack for Flat Kniing Machine

Flat Knitting Machines’ Needles and Jacks

  To all the flat knitting machines  (Tricot knitwearing machines) needles we call machine knitting elements.

Since the needles are made ​​of steel and the production cost is too more, they  are being  produced as separate parts . Needle jacks and selection jacks are providing the loops formation and allows the connection of the loops.

The needles are being varied according to the machine models and according to the gauge (finesse) of the machine respectively.
There are the same number of jacks or platines on the machine as same as the number of needles.

Jacks or platines; they are working on the channels of the  needle beds as an extension of the needles.

They are divided between them also to different kinds or types accordingly.

 The selection jacks are the jacks or platines, which help for the selection of the needles.

They are providing the command receiving of the needles with the help of the sinkers which are being  fixed on the carriage of the machine.

The purpose of the press jacks is to help the free yarns to create loops respectively.

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