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  • 2018-11-29Nit Orme to open new R&D centre

    Shanghai - Nit Orme, the Turkey-based supplier of spare parts for flat and circular knitting machines, is constructing a new research and development centre in Istanbul where services will include complimentary training course for its customers.

    Speaking to Knitting Trade Journal at the recent ITMA Asia + CITME exhibition, Company founder Mr. Irfan Yolcular said that the R&D centre was part of Nit Orme's strategy of expanding its range of technical services and consultancy and services for knitting design and programming – all part of the company's commitment to support its customers.

    Other plans include implementing an express, two-day delivery system for its range of spare parts for flat and circular knitting machines from leading machine builders such as Shima Seiki, Stoll CMS, Pretty, Steiger and Universal.

    "We have finalized construction of the R&D centre so it should be fully open within a couple of months," Mr Yolcular said. "Once opened, we will also be running a series of training courses free of charge for our customers to help them familiarize themselves and solve problems they have with the technical aspects of their equipment."

    On the technology front, the company is well known for the high quality of its spare parts. Among its most prominent developments are a USB memory device, which means that knitting mills no longer require the older and more expensive memory cards and adaptors.

    Further highlights include the new DSC card repair service, which Nit Orme carries out for Stoll operators looking to fix their defective electronics as well as a new range of LCD screens. The latter allows the conversion from older CRT monitors to new LCD screens on Shima Seiki SES models. Mr Yolcular also notes the success of the company’s latest solutions for replacing older servo motors and drives on SES models, the benefits of which include less power consumption.

    The company also offers other equipment such as cams, stitch pressers, sinker springs, needles, jacks, yarn guides, yarn cutters (scissors), brushers, carriers, yarn feeders, take down rollers, solenoids, pulse (step) motors, sensors, needle breakage switches, floppy disk drives, tensions, pulleys, belts and etc.

    “Nit Orme offers the quality, confidence and experience in the production of spare parts, in the knitting design and programming, in the technical services and reconditioning , electronic board repairing, separation yarn production, buying and selling of the second hand machines and consultancy services,” he said.

  • 2018-03-21Gönüllü İletişim Danışmanlığı Tarafından NİT ÖRME İçin Hazırlanan Basın Bülteni.
  • 2015-12-07ITMA Daily News - 16 November 2015


    Advances in flat knitting machinery

    ITMA Daily News interviews, Irfan Yolcular, general manager, Nit Orme



    What have been your key textile-related activities over the past year?


    Nit Orme is a brand which specialises in spare parts for computerised flat knitting machines. As a result of its continuous development policy, the company supplies more than 7,000 parts, including quality cams, brushes and long durable take-down rollers. 

    In addition, Nit Orme is gaining value in emerging markets with its electronic card repairing service, technical service and maintenance departments, pattern design and consultancy services and with its multi-directed service understanding and stock assortments.


    How are you finding the European textile machinery market at the moment? 


    The European textile industry is constantly evolving as it accelerates its machine development. The area of technical textiles is increasing day by day and this is due to high interest relating to textile machinery innovations. 

    I think that European machinery manufacturers, in particular, are hard working due to the diversity of the raw materials used by their textile machinery to satisfy the demands of their clients. 


    Where are your main customers located?


    Nit Orme exports flat knitting machine spare parts produced in its own plants to more than 50 countries in the world; especially China, Italy, Germany, India, Pakistan and Brazil. However, I can proudly say that our customer portfolio is spread over a wide geographical area from Canada to Australia. 


    How is the growing Asian textile machinery industry affecting your company? 


    The growth of the Asian textile industry has affected our country in terms of the amount of taxes paid by the textile producers, especially because of the quality of raw materials and manufactured products. However, despite these factors, Turkey still continues to be a shining star in the textile sector. Our products are of great interest in many Asian countries, especially China. Our export volume has therefore increased in the Asian market. 


    What are the trends in customer demands for your technologies at the moment? 


    The textile machinery industry is always in search of reasonable and sustainable innovations and we offer our customers that.
    We provide the correct spare parts quickly, which are produced using the latest technological systems. As a result, textile products are manufactured without errors, improving the performance of the flat knitting machines. 


    What are the main challenges facing your company?


    The long-established reputation of our business means that several companies are seizing the opportunity to counterfeit our products by using the Nit Orme brand name and it is damaging our company because they are selling their parts with our name.
    We advise our customers to be careful about it, and we want to inform and warn that the poor quality and defective parts, which are being sold in the market with our label, are not being produced and sold by us accordingly.
    In order to enforce the name and the quality of Nit Orme, we place high importance on all kinds of promotional activities. We are trying to introduce the Nit Orme brand to the whole world by advertising in internationally respected magazines and by participating at a variety of global exhibitions and fairs.


    Is your company involved in serving the needs of the technical textiles market and if so, what changes are you making to address this rapidly growing market? 


    Textile products are used today in many different areas ranging from classic clothing textiles to medical textiles. In particular, the softness, flexibility, elasticity, stability and the ability to achieve a fuller structure with features such as 3D technical textiles, is increasing interest in knitted fabrics. Each knitting needle in computerised flat knitting machines can be individually selected and moved to the desired position, and needle beds can be moved respectively.
    These features provide endless opportunities in flat knitting machines, especially for the production of 3D-shaped fabrics. Such fabrics can be used instead of a sponge diver, for instance, in automotive and upholstery applications.
    In addition to the spare parts we produce, we provide alternative solutions to companies which are operating with flat knitting machines to help them achieve the best results in production.


    How has 2015 been for your company business wise and what are your plans for next year? 


    2015 is a very special year for our company because we are celebrating our 20th anniversary. We are increasing our production capacity every year and our leadership has continued in 2015, as well.
    We are running an intensive work programme in order to keep our leadership in the production of textile machinery spare parts. In this regard, all our employees have a very busy schedule planned for 2016.


    What are you hoping to get from ITMA?


    Anyone who wants to learn of the latest textile industry technologies can attend the Nit Orme exhibition where we will showcase all our new products. We look forward to meeting different textile companies and gaining an idea of the positive and negative developments affecting our industry.

    Nit Orme is exhibiting in Hall 5 at Stand B120b.

  • 2015-11-24Nit Knitting, is celebrating its 20th year at ITMA

    Nit Knitting was founded in 1995 by Electronics Technician Mr. İrfan Yolcular, and presently he has succeeded taking its place among the few firms in the world involved in textile machines spare parts industry. Nit Knitting is exporting more than 7000 variety of spare parts notably to China followed by Canada up to Australia where there exists plain knitting machines; it also exports over 7000 varieties of spare parts manufactured at its own plants to more than 50 countries that are destined for Shima Seiki, Stoll, Steiger , Protti, Cixing, Chinese machines, aside from this, the firm also provides services to the textile industry in terms of pattern design, electronic software fault solution department, technical service and consultancy fields.

    Nit Knitting known in the textile industry with its “Our Solution Partner” slogan compares the success it has attained with that of the growing process of bamboo trees. The growth process of bamboo trees depends on the sufficient level of strength attained by its roots during long years in the soil. And when they are ready the trees extend none stop towards the sky. Nit Knitting’s success in becoming a global brand is just not mere coincidence, just like the growth of bamboo trees cited above, it has grown speedily in the textile industry market thanks to the knowledge and experience attained during long years. Textile manufacturers across the globe take into account numerous factors with a view to increasing their competitive powers and saving on time. The foremost of the said factors include quality, price, efficiency, easy access and after sales support. Nit Knitting, by providing its full support to the textile manufacturers in all of these subjects has virtually become a fault corrector hospital in this industry so to speak. However, at this hospital no consultation fees are charged and your machines are delivered to you at affordable prices and good quality conditions after having been subjected to the required correct technical examinations.


    Nit Knitting brand represents good quality and reliability worldwide, the fact that when one makes reference to plain knitting machines this is one of the firms that first comes to mind, this is due to its successful branding policies together with quality products and services provided. Nit Knitting is on its way with firm steps forwards in order to reach to the highest level of the market share all over the world, for this it give paramount importance to ‘Promotion and Marketing’ activities. Within this framework countdown has begun for the ITMA 2015 Exhibition due to be held between the date 12-19 of November in the city of Milano in Italy, where the giant firms of the textile industry shall get together. Nit Knitting is looking forward to exhibiting its wide range of products to the participators and visitors of ITMA 2015 Exhibition, namely spare parts for plain knitting machines, namely, brushes, steel items, roll rubbers, as well as latest technology alternative servo and motor drivers made possible thanks to its R&D supported continuous development policy for Plain Knitting  Machines, a manufacturing capacity that grows with each passing day, apart from the aforementioned it shall also offer electronic solutions and new p roducts a s w ell. N it K itting s hall m eet w ith customers who use and sell the Nit Knitting products while showcasing its products at ITMA 2015 Exhibition, while at the same time it shall have the opportunity to meet with potential buyers as well. Nit Knitting is decisive and persistent in terms of becoming the leading spare parts producers of textile machines worldwide and continuing with firm steps towards achieving this goal, we extend our best wishes to Nit Knitting in this journey.

  • 2015-11-06Yeni Teknolojileri Tekstil Sektörünün Hizmetine Sunuyoruz”
  • 2015-06-30ITM 2016
  • 2015-06-09The Manufacture of Textile Machinery in Turkey

    ‘’ The Manufacture of Textile Machinery in Turkey’’

          Nit Örme Knitting Textile Company’s Chairman Mr. İrfan YOLCULAR participated to the panel about ‘’ The Manufacture of Textile Machinery in Turkey’’ which organized by The Istanbul Chember of Industry Machinerys Group. Mr. İrfan Yolcular shared his opinion about the feasibility of the production of flat knitting machines in Turkey with members of Istanbul Chamber of Industry Machinery Group.



    NIT ORME, who is continuing its business activities in the tricot knitwear machinery spare parts production industry since 20 years succeded to be the first company which instantly comes to mind of the local and overseas knitting manufacturers or producers abroad  for their spare parts needs with the quality, continuity and variety of its products.
       Nit Orme has proven itself once again with the activities, works and novelties of each unit, which has been placed in its own structure (Nit Production, Nit Electronics, Nit Technical Service,  Nit Pattern / Design Unit, Nit Yarn Production).

    For example, the alternative solutions, which have been created as a result of
    R & D -  Research and Development works of Nit Electronics Department, the ability of repairing of the unrepairable electronic card-boards, USB Converters, Servo Drive Systems & Racking Systems, all these have been the center of interest for our customers and for the Professors and Students who come to visit us from the Technical Universities of China.  
        It was a big proud for All of us to be the only Turkish company, who has succeded to  be included in the Exhibitors novelty news in  the newspaper prepared and published during the Exhibition by the ITMA Fair Organisation.

  • 2014-05-26Nit Örme Shanghai Fuarında
    Nit Örme Hall E3 Stand F10
       Nit Örme ,exhibiting in Hall E3 at Stand  F10 ,was founded in  1995 and the scope of work of the company covers tricot knitting as well  as production of spare parts for Shima Seiki , Stoll CMS, Protti , Staiger and Universal  brand machines as well as provision of technical and electronic services and consultancy and services for knitting and programing.
      Nit Örme exports to around 60 countries including UK , Ukraine , India , Pakistan , Russia , Bangladesh , Iran , Syria , Egypt , Brazil , Argentina  and particularly China and Japan .
      In keeps i nstock the following spare parts :cams,stitch pressers , sinker springs ,needles,jack,yarn guides, gears and belts, servomotors and drives , yarn holders , thread and yarn cutters, brushes,carriers, yarn feeders, take down rollers , LCD monitors , solenoids , stitch motors , sensors , needle breakage switches , USB Converters , tensions , knit memory USB adapters , electric braiders , fancy yarn machines , quality control desk,flock cleaning machines and tricot cleaning machines .
       It also supplies pattern designs , technical services,machine re-conditioning and knitting yarn and said it can do special orders outside its range.