Take Down Roller for Flat Knitting Machine


    When the machine works all the existing parts on the machine are working with each other within a particular coordination and supply  the productivity of the knitting process.
     The take down rollers are products, being used  on  Stoll and Shima Seiki flat knitting machines as  spare parts; they enable the proper and equal pulling of the fabric.
     The take down rollers are being prepared from a special kauchuk  and  they are in big importance
for the quality of the produced sweaters & pullovers accordingly.
The take down rollers pulling speed is one of the most important settings in the flat knitting machines.
The pulling speed must not pull the knitted fabric too much nor it will leave it too much.
If the pulling speed is too much, in this case, the cover of the needle will be broken or it will cause the torn or the damage of the fabric.
If the pulling speed is too less, in this case, the fabric may  accumulate on the top of the needles and it will cause the breakage of the needles and sinkers.

As each spare part of the flat knitting machines, the take down roller quantity varies according to the machine model of each machine.

   For example on the SES 234 SHIMA SEIKI machines are being used 42 pieces of KCF0239 take down rollers, on the other hand, on SHIMA SEIKI machines of SES 236 are being used 46 pieces of KCF0239; for SES 122 machines-44 pieces of KCF0116+KCF0558; for SSG 122 machines-44 pieces of KCF0116+KCF0558 are being used respectively.

    On the long types of the Stoll flat knitting machines the take down rollers varies as 236 169 and 200 262 with teeth or channels (grooves) and without; on the Stoll Compact Machines they are differing as 220 905 front take down rollers and 206 770 back take down rollers accordingly.
 According to the customers’ request, Nit Orme is producing as well the Only rubber (caoutchouc) rollers (empty rollers inside).

   As a Nit Orme Company, we are supplying to our customers take down rollers for the Shima Seiki, Stoll CMS, Protti , Steiger, Cixing , Tianyuan , Jinhao and Weihuan machines  too.

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