Shima Seiki Flat Knitting Machine


   THE SHIMA SEIKI flat knitting machines production has been started at the year of 1953 with the invention of double loop sewing machine by Masahiro Shima.Furtherly, he has continued to operate at the year of  1962 with the purpose of production of the fully automatic flat knitting machine with the name of SHIMA SEIKI MFG at the city of Wakayama, JAPAN.

    His goal was realized in 1964 and from that day until today Mr. Masahiro Shima is still the  manufacturer or producer of the most famous SHIMA SEIKI brand flat knitting machines brand both  in the domestic as well in the international markets and he has introduced the name of the SHIMA SEIKI to all the world respectively.

   Produced from 1964 to the present day Shima Seiki brand ;
SES234FF , SES234S , SES234CS , SES236FF , SES236S , SES254FF , SES245S , SES122FF , SES122S , SES122CS , SES124FF , SES124S , SES124CS , SES102 , SFF 152 , SFJ 202T , SSG 122 and SSG 236, NSSG122 , SIG122 , SIG123 , NSES 122, SEC 214, SEC202 , SEK233 These  model flat knitting machines have been highly demanded by the tricot knitwear market and this has enabled us to produce as a company to our valuable customers with the NIT ORME high quality the following goods and spare parts :  Cam, Yarn Carrier , Sinker , Yarn Guide Spacer , Stitch Presser,  Brush , Take Down Roller and accessories, Solenoids (bobbins),Stich motors , Step Motor , Sensor,Racking Sensor , Needle Breakage Switch, Cable , Tension, Cover , Carriage Jointing Bracket, Fan (ventilators), Filter , Gears (pulleys), Belt, Pin , Spring, Eyelet , Needle Beds Wires, Needles, Comb Needles, Platines (Jacks), Sinkers , Machine Cleaning Chemicals and oil , Yarns, Servo Motors, Electronic Cards  ( MME , MIO , ISL , IST , IPU1 , IPU2 , IPF , IPF2 , IMT , PSE-03 , CBS , )   and etc. 

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