Stoll CMS Flat Knitting Machine



    H.STOLL GMBH & CO., which was established in 1873 is one of the major flat knitting machines’ producers or manufacturers in the world.
The company continued to work until 1914  and after the First World War experienced a huge drop in sales to foreign markets , but after the year of 1919 STOLL BECAME even stronger after opening of the first local branch sales office.

    The year of 1994 was a turning point for STOLL Flat Knitting machines; against to the Japanese competition, the STOLL  Engineers developed the world's most efficient flat knitting machine CMS 433, which has faced maximum  customer demand and in the year of 1996 STOLL has increased 30 % his share in the

Chinese market ; STOLL has increased his export (sales) upto 95 % and has succeeded to realize the export of his products to more than 70 countries in the world.

     Today STOLL has a worldwide service network and produces the models of CMS 400, CMS 402,CMS 422, CMS 433, CMS 433.6 , CMS 330, CMS 530 and among them also the machine models of ST211, ST311, ST511, ST711, ST811 ;

    This has enabled us to produce as a company to our valuable clients with the NIT ORME high quality the following goods and spare parts : Cam, Yarn carrier, Sinker, Yarn guide, Stitch presser, Brush, Take Down Rollers and accessories, Solenoid (bobbins), Motor, Sensors, Needle , Breakage Switches, Cable , Tension , Cover , head connections, fans (ventilators), filters, gears and pulleys, belts, pins, springs, eyelets, needle bed wires, needles, comb needles, jacks (platines) machine cleaning chemicals and oils, yarns (thread), servo motors, electronic cards and so on.

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